PVC Doors and Windows

Servgroup PVC doors and windows are made from a plastic material that is perfectly suitable for door and window frame production thanks to a range of really extraordinary features. These include:

  • adaptability to Malta’s environment;
  • wear-resistant and weatherproof qualities;
  • durable aesthetic / mechanical features;
  • excellent thermal and acoustic insulation; and
  • attention to detail.

The feature that stands out the most is that PVC is wear-resistant and weatherproof. Our extreme summer heat, high UV levels, rain, sudden changes in temperature and polluting substances present in the air put a strain on any material. Quite the contrary, PVC resists these stresses, keeping its aesthetic and mechanical features unchanged for a longer period over time.

PVC door and window frames are a clever choice, even with regard to energy saving and their environmental impact. In fact, PVC has great thermal insulation capacity. By avoiding heat loss, your home will get warmer more quickly in winter and a comfortable ambient temperature will be retained for a longer time. This makes it possible to save on heating costs in winter and on air-conditioning expenses in summer and so, besides saving, you can help to protect the environment.

Your home can be transformed aesthetically thanks to the comprehensive range of door and window frames supplied by Servgroup. There is a full range of colours available that will give a touch of harmony and vitality to your home. The style can be either modern and practical or sophisticated, and the details will complete the desired look.

Servgroup, of Kordin Industrial Estate, Malta, offers a wide range of door and window frames in a wide choice of materials and styles to fully meet all your requirements.